Transfer Services

Non-Emergency Transfers

Transport Care Services provides transportation for patients who are ambulatory and able to walk with or without assistance of a cane, walker, or crutches. We can create custom transportation that is scheduled specifically to your needs.
  • Hospital Discharge
  • Post Surgery Visits
  • Routine Doctors Appointments
  • Dental Appointments
  • Stroke and Rehab Transfers
  • Behavior Health

Wheelchair & Stretcher Transfers

We also provide transportation for patients who require a wheelchair and can sit upright in their wheelchair or who can lie flat on a stretcher. Stretcher services are available for non-emergency uses and patients who may be unable to walk or stand for long durations of time. Please contact our staff to set up the proper means of transportation. All of our drivers are wheelchair certified.
  • Wheelchair Accessible Van - Side Entry
  • Wheelchair Accessible Van - Rear Entry
  • Stretcher Accessible Van - Rear Entry

Assisted Daily Transfers

Transport Care Services provides active patients who need a little assistance with their daily transportation needs. Whether it is for personal, medical, or work related, we are able to help.
  • Airport Transfers
  • One Way or Round Trip
  • Church Pick Ups and Drop Off
  • Church Pick Ups and Drop Off
  • Adult Day Care
  • Recreational Travels
  • Personal, Medical, or Work Related Travels
  • Transfers for Daily Activities